Philip Rivers Has the Ultimate Mobile QB Home Away From Home

When you take one look at the massive amounts of money that exchange hands in the ...

When you take one look at the massive amounts of money that exchange hands in the contracts of some of these NFL players, you really have to wonder what some of them do with all that money. Sometimes, the cash that ends up in their pockets is really almost unfathomable for the average person. However, as they keep earning, I’m sure that these players come up with good funnels to send all that cash through. This time, we catch up with Philip Rivers and just how he decided that his superstar worthy paycheck should be spent.

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As it turns out, when the Chargers decided to move from San Diego to Los Angeles, Rivers wasn’t about to uproot and make the journey. This journey would create a 2-3 hour drive, however, Rivers would make do and pick himself up a machine that’s basically like a hotel with wheels. Fitted with a big screen, loungers that are better than most people probably have in their home, and even a mini fridge, this custom van of sorts is designed to bring all of the comforts of home on the road so that Rivers is able to get back-and-forth on a regular basis so that he’s able to play dad all while commuting a couple of hours to work.

The video below shows off all of the plush luxuries that this super van has to offer. If you had all that money to spend and a long journey to be made on a regular basis, you might as well go all out. We can definitely say that there was no shortage of expense spared in putting this thing together and I think that I speak for more than myself when saying that it would be a pure joy to be able to travel in something this luxurious.

After seeing it for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of everything that has been put in place to make sure that Rivers is able to travel comfortably.

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