Odd Contraption Allows You to Turn Your Jet Ski Into a Boat

If you poke around the internet for long enough, odds are that you will find some ...

If you poke around the internet for long enough, odds are that you will find some pretty obscure creations that are available in the marketplace when you’re ready to spend your hard earned money. Some of them might be more useful than others and then you might come up with some that are just completely off-the-wall. This time, we’re going to let you decide where this one should be filed as we come across something that definitely sticks out to us and we’re not exactly sure where something like this should be filed in the scheme of things.

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With this invention, if you want to get on the water, you don’t exactly have to choose between a jet ski and a boat any longer as you normally would. Inversely, you also can have both without purchasing both, if that’s something that makes sense. Instead of settling for the speed that could be provided by a WaveRunner or the potential fun for a whole family and a group of friends that you could have on a boat, this one invention combines both of them into a nice and neat package. If you’re still completely lost, well, we can’t necessarily blame you because this one is a bit off the hinges.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to tune in and check out a boat hull that is powered by the jet ski of your choosing. The invention created by a company known as SEALVER that goes by the name of the “Wave Boat” gives you the opportunity to merge these two vehicles together into one. At a price point that seems to start around $15,000, I’m not sure how this makes much sense economically, however, if you have a very specific set of needs, it could potentially be something that fits into exactly what you’re looking for.

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