If You’ve Ever Wondered How They Get Airplane Advertisements Filmed, This is Your Video

Whether or not you consciously realized it, at some point in your travels throughout ...

Whether or not you consciously realized it, at some point in your travels throughout your video or picture intake of entertainment, you probably have seen some sort of advertisement for an airliner that showcases a picture of one of their airplanes in the sky. As you flip through your magazine or continue watching a YouTube video with an ad in front of it, you probably didn’t even think twice about this as you’ve seen it hundreds of times, but when somebody brings up the topic of how exactly a shot like this is captured, well, it might be something that begins to raise a little bit of a questioning in your head as to exactly that.

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Not only does it lead you to wonder how they captured the shot with the plane carrying the camera but it also might give you a little bit of curiosity as to how exactly the plane that’s the model of the shoot maneuvers up there in the sky. Do they just fly normally and expect the camera plane to fly around them? Do they do some sort of special moves to be able to get all the shots of the need? You see, now that you’re thinking about it, you’re probably curious about all these things and more and want to see exactly how it’s all done just like we did when we were presented with such a video.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll see exactly how this is all done and it’s certainly a lot more complicated than you might think. When you throw it all of the rules and regulations that pilots have to abide by when heading up in the sky, things get even more complicated and it definitely takes quite a professional crew to be able to carry out something like this and get the shots that they desire. When you consider the fact that something like this probably ends up being pretty expensive as well, a little bit more pressure is applied as you have one opportunity to get this whole thing right and it’s all for a clip that’s a couple of seconds long or one perfect snapshot!

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