Extreme Hurricane Winds Knock Down Trees Before Man Saves His Scooter!

Having spent all of my life in Alabama, one of the most active areas for tornadoes ...

Having spent all of my life in Alabama, one of the most active areas for tornadoes and sudden, powerful storms that spring up out of nowhere and produce intense downpours and devastating straight line winds that can do the same type of damage as a tornado. Then, of course, there are hurricanes, which sustain the same levels of intensity for hours, if not days, causing billions of dollars in damage as they churn painfully slowly across entire regions of the country.

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While the timing of this video would make it likely associated with Hurricane Harvey, it’s hard to say for sure where or when it was taken, so we’ll just say it’s an intense storm that’s packing a punch in the form of a deluge and some freakishly high winds. The guy with the camera is watching from the relative safety of his garage as the winds whip his Bradford pear trees back and forth, eventually snapping a couple of them off near trunk. As the man watches the carnage unfold, he sends his son out into the rain and wind to bring his scooter inside before a tree falls on it. The son is somewhat reluctant, but decides to go ahead and grab the scooter with a little prodding from dad.

The son runs out and, for whatever reason, uncovers the scooter, then pushes it toward the garage. The video ends about the time the kid reaches dry concrete, but it looks like he was headed for safety before the footage stopped. Hopefully the winds and rain subsided and no more damage occurred, though if this was part of Hurricane Harvey, we know how that ended, at least in and around the Houston area. What do you guys think, should he have left the scooter, or was it worth risking being caught under a falling tree himself for the son to grab it and get it into the garage?

Microburst of Aggression

When nature does your landscaping for you.

Posted by Break on Friday, September 8, 2017

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