Boat Drifting is a Real Thing and It Looks Fun as All Hell!

When it comes to motorsports, there are certainly all sorts of different ways to wet ...

When it comes to motorsports, there are certainly all sorts of different ways to wet your whistle. People have gone at it in all different shapes and forms whether it be on wheels, skis, or even the water. There is no one set way to get your adrenaline rush with a motor, however, this time, we see something that we can’t claim to have ever really seen before. That’s not necessarily a first but, given that we do this stuff all day every day, it’s not too often that we come across something that surprises us.

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This time, we watch what appears to be boat drifting. Given that all of the language here is definitely pretty far from English, we can’t say that’s exactly what the goal is here but, as you watch the video, it definitely does appear that these guys have some aquatic drifting in their soul. Major courage is required as they ripped these boats around corners, standing up in their vessels as they slide sideways, causing some big-time action where the drivers could be thrown in the water at any moment!

If you could pick up anything from the announcer’s voice, this is most certainly an action-packed event that is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. I really couldn’t imagine being one of the drivers behind the wheel here as these boats skip around on the water, getting incredibly close to one another as they slide sideways and the drivers push them even further.

Check out the action below that will put you on the scene of this boat drifting action and be sure to tell us what you think of this sort of a sport. For as sketchy as this looks, I have to say that I certainly wouldn’t mind popping in one of these things and giving it a whirl. Who knows, it might just launch me out over the side in just a couple of seconds as I would probably push it beyond my abilities but, I would definitely be down to try something like this out. Would you be on board or do you think that you’d rather watch these guys from the sidelines with solid ground beneath you?


Posted by BOAT RACE 宮島 on Saturday, June 27, 2015

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